April 24th, 2022

We praise you O God whose ways are just and good.

Whose resurrecting power sets the prisoners free – breaking the chains that keep your people bound from living fully alive.

We praise you O God, whose healing grace opens our blind eyes revealing our biases; prejudice, and life-denying ways; who opens our eyes to identify your presence and activity in the world .

You are the God who desires that all are fed: sustenance for body, nourishment for spirit.

And you are the God whose desire for all people is community, healthy relationships where all can flourish, where all belong, where all are transformed as we walk together in your ways.

Strengthen us we pray to serve until all are fed, free; healed; embraced, housed, loved.

We pray too for those in our own community today. For those living with illness, pain, grief, change, struggles – we pray. And for those in our community of faith, especially our households of faith for this week. We are grateful for one another.

For the church, your body, your people, here in this world. We are listening; we are open to your leading as you guide us into your future. Tune our hearts and ears and breathe your spirit of life into your people and into your beloved world.

Walk with us. Strengthen us for the journey.

We pray in the strong name of Jesus our Risen Lord. Amen.

These past weeks we have seen a significant increase of covid infections. May we continue to take appropriate precautions at this difficult time. We pray for all who are ill, recovering, and caregivers who are weary.

We pray for measures of patience and compassion for all caring for aging parents and loved ones.

Surround and keep safe our loved ones in long-term care.

We pray for our Households of Faith. Surround and hold each in the embrace of your love and grace. May each experience fulfillment and purpose with each new day. May these households experience good health, supportive relationships and peace. Amen