April 17th, 2022

Generous and surprising God, when we thought that death
had claimed your only Son, you amazed us with the resurrection.
Surprise us again. Free us from certainty that we may live with a radical openness to your ways that bring new life, new beginnings, re-birth.

On this Easter morning we welcome your resurrection for it is
life changing, life giving and life sustaining.
We welcome the hope it brings to our world.
We welcome the joy it brings to our darkness and pain.
We welcome the empty tomb for we know your risen presence is among us.

In the joy and hope of this Easter morning’s alleluia’s

we know there are those who are hurting or sad.

We pray for those that have no hope,

those struggling with mental illness, loneliness, or fear.

We pray for those places and peoples in our world

where death and domination rule,

where imperial powers ignore the poor,

where war rages,

where children are hungry,

where parents grieve because they cannot provide,

In the joy and hope of this Easter morning,

we realize the depth and breadth of what it means

to be your Easter people.

For we are the ones who are called

to go into the places in our lives and world

to work for justice and life for all in your Creation.

It is up to us to bear witness to the promise of resurrection,

to hold those in despair, and believe for them,

that Love is stronger than death.

So give us the courage to bear your living Love

in every corner of our lives,

so that your peaceable realm will be so, here on earth, as it is in heaven. We pray

In the name of the Risen Christ, we pray, Alleluia! Amen.

These past weeks we have seen a significant increase of covid infections. May we continue to take appropriate precautions at this difficult time. We pray for all who are ill, recovering, and caregivers including health care professionals who are weary.

We pray for measures of patience and compassion for all caring for aging parents and loved ones.

We pray for all who are grieving and missing a loved one at the family dinner table this Easter. May warm memories and the love of family and friends be a source of deep comfort.

We pray for our Households of Faith. Whether at work, enjoying recreation or rest, pour out your bright blessing. May each experience fulfillment and purpose with each new day. May these households of faith experience good health, supportive relationships and peace. Amen