April 3rd, 2022

Great God:
Thank you for the constant call we hear from you every day.
The wind whispering around our ears,
the birds singing to us from the trees,
rain pinging on the window,
the good earth inviting our steps.

We hear that call again and again,
through kind hands and warm hearts around us.
Open our ears to your call,
which is as expansive as the world,
and as particular as a poor man walking a dusty road
to a cross on Calvary.

Like him, help us to love, not just in word, but in deed:
love for our neighbours who are hard to love,
love for newcomers in our community,
love for people who are cast out by others.

Forgive us for the times we have failed to share your love,
choosing to hoard what is freely given,
fearful that we have limited resources, limited time…we’re too tired.

Thank you that even then, your consoling voice calls us.
Help us to respond with cheerful hearts as we do your work.
Strengthen those among us who face heavy burdens,
who live with pain; physical, emotional, spiritual.

Holy Spirit, bind us together as a community
to sing your chorus of love faithfully, heartily.

We ask you to pour life & love into our households of faith, those who grieve, those with health concerns and those who are healing. We seek your presence and your peace. ultiply your call in and through all of us.

In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Surround and keep safe our loved ones in long-term care.

We pray for our Households of Faith. May joy fill their hearts, peace and love flow within and through them, and may they experience fulfilling and loving relationships.