February 27th, 2022

Lord Jesus, you are the True Vine and we are the branches.

By your Spirit, produce the fruit of love, joy, peace, and patience in us for others to taste and see. Keep us from hanging on to love for ourselves. Prune all selfishness from us and fill us with your love.

God of Peace, have mercy on your earth and supply its needs. Where people are hungry, give food. Where people are in distress, comfort. We hold before you the peoples of Ukraine… and the people of Russia. Hear the rising cry for help. May peace rather than missiles and weapons of war rain down in your world. Rain down peace in every nation, in every home, in every heart. Where people are in distress or in trouble, bring order and peace. And turn the whole world to you in faith, repentance, and praise.

Lord Jesus Christ, as you abide in us and we abide in you, may your love flow freely to friends and family and those who stand in need of healing, hope, and wholeness.

Heal those who are unwell.

Grant hope for the despairing.

Pour peace upon the troubled and the fearful.

Minister patience and calm to those awaiting surgery, tests, or the doctors’ call.

We pray for wisdom for all who carry the weight of decision making.

We pray for justice for all who face of oppression,

We pray for stamina as we continue to journey this pandemic

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for hearing us and caring for us in all our needs. Constantly intercede for us before our heavenly Parent. We ask all this in all the holy names of God. Amen.

We hold in prayer all those who grieve. May they know the peace of Christ.

We pray for all who stand in need of healing for emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual pain. May your healing grace hold the wounded and those who love them. May all those who are struggling receive the care and support they need.

We also pray for our Households of Faith. May each know the deep peace of Christ. Surround each one with comfort and joy, Whether at work or rest, bless their hearts and home with overflowing love. We give thanks for each household of faith. May your bright blessing be poured out upon them. Amen