February 24th, 2022

The invasion of Ukraine has shaken the nations. The human cost of war is too great to bear.

In response, I have included a prayer offered by Ann Voskamp.

May we join our hearts in prayer, petitioning the Prince of Peace with our heartfelt prayers for peace – peace for the world, peace for every nation, peace in cities, peace in neighbourhoods, peace in our homes, peace in our hearts.

In the face of pain, may the people of God be found at their post, on their knees in prayer.

Because we know prayer isn’t just the least we can do,
and prayer isn’t all we can do,
but prayer is ultimately the most important work we all can do.

Because it’s calling on the One who slays all the dark, wins us all back from the mess, and cuts right through all the impossible knots of desperate things.

Where there is an invasion on earth, may our prayers war an all-out invasion on the powers and principalities, “against the rulers of the darkness of this world,” (Eph. 6:16).

Though missiles rain from the sky this morning, rain down Your mercy, Lord.

Though black smoke rises, our prayers rise higher, surer, greater.

Though explosions shatter and gunfire rattles, we hold our ground in the face of pain and we move toward the suffering, our hands reaching with bold solidarity.

Ours is a tired world, Lord, weary of suffering, weary of the dark, weary of all the heartbreak, ours is a tired world, weary for hope — raise us up with the indomitable certainty that this world is a broken one and You alone are our unwavering hope, King Jesus.

Lord, hear our cry:

Comfort children who cry terrified, give courage to mothers who gather to calm, strengthen leaders who stand steady to find a way to peace.

For those who need to flee — may they find our arms a safe haven.

For those who are hungry — may they find our open hands offering bread for today and living bread for all eternity.

For all the limping, weary and wounded — may they find us holding on to each other, because when we live like we all belong to each other — we answer so much of the longing in the world… even our own.

And for all those who despair, both near and far — may they find our hands and feet today to be those of King Jesus, we who get to be His very body of peace in a hurting world today. Amen