February 13th, 2022

Jesus, on the night you were betrayed,
you took a towel, and washed our feet.
We confess that we are reluctant to think of you
doing such a humble task, all for us.
Like Peter, we protest.
We fail to see how love takes the lowly way,
how it is worked out in a thousand small acts of kindness,
a thousand humilities.
For ourselves we prefer the grand gestures,
love that can be seen and applauded,
love that first and foremost makes us feel good.
You showed a different way.
Jesus, Towel-bearer, Foot-washer, Cross-carrier,
you have set us an example
We long to follow you, wherever you lead us.

Jesus, your ministry was up close and personal

Open our eyes with your healing grace that we may see our privilege in the world and how it is embodied as power over others….

Open our ears with your healing grace to hear the rising cry for help from oppressed and hopeless people

Soften our hearts with your healing grace as we serve and are served.

We pray your healing grace for family, friends, and our siblings in Christ who stand in need of healing, hope, and wholeness.

May comfort surround the grieving……

May patience sustain those awaiting tests or surgery dates…..

May protection surround the most vulnerable….

May peace hold the anxious, the worried, the unsettled……

May joy be the strength amidst difficult decisions……

May hope burn bright as we seek your desires for our congregation.

We pray that our lives will reflect your love in our words, in our actions,

In our thoughts, as we served and are served in Jesus’ name.

Surround and keep safe our loved ones in long-term care.

We pray for those who struggle with mental illness, anxiety, and addiction and those who love them. May all those who are struggling receive the care and support they need.

We also pray for our Households of Faith. Whether at work, at rest or at play, may their lives overflow with goodness and grace. May laughter, love, and joy overflow in their hearts and in their home. Amen