December 2nd, 2021

This week we began our Advent journey toward Bethlehem and Jesus’ birth. We lit the candle of hope.
Where do you see hope springing up? As daylight hours shorten and darkness deepens, I experience hope as God’s sustaining presence through changing seasons, including the seasons of our lives.
As you reflect upon hope, what rituals enrich your Advent journey? For years, I would light a candle each evening of Advent. In prayer I held before God places in the world that were in need of healing light. There has never been a shortage of situations for which to pray. Theologian Stanley Haueruas writes “Advent is patience. It’s how God has made us a people of promise in a world of impatience.”
May we continue lighting our candles, offering our prayers, and living in hope with patience amidst a world of impatience.

I would encourage you to check out an Advent resource as we journey to Christmas.
Scholar and author Kate Bowler offers a free 4-week Advent Devotional available at
Kate’s most recent book is “No Cure for Being Human and other truths I need to hear.” She is Canadian born and a gifted writer. .

Advent Blessings,

Pastor Kara