October 31st, 2021

Listening God, you hear our prayers before we speak

                yet welcome our praying;

                therefore we come with confidence to lay our requests before you.

We pray for Christians everywhere,

                for our denomination and congregation

                for strength to persevere in faithfulness.

                We pray for the whole people of God.

We pray for the nations of the world,

                for all leaders,

                and for those who make policy decisions.

                We pray for the well-being of our global community,

We pray for the earth and all living creatures,

                for regions and species at risk,

                and for the sharing of resources.

We pray for the wholeness of creation.

We pray for those who are overcome by violence,

                for victims of injustice or oppression,

and for those in poverty or pain.

We pray for all who need healing and peace.

We pray for those who endure trials,

                for those who are dying,

                and for those who mourn.

                We pray for all in need of comfort and hope.

                Hear our prayers for our Households of Faith:

                Faithful God, you have heard the prayers of your people. We rest in the comfort of your care, as we pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen