October 27th, 2021

It is good to be back with you following the gift of sabbatical! Thank you for your patience as I get caught up.

This past Sunday I shared how vital a spiritual practice it is to slow down and take time for reflection. The spaciousness of sabbatical provided abundant and fruitful times of reflection.

In follow up to Sunday’s message…

As you continue to reflect upon your water jar – are you filled to the brim? What is life-giving? What fills you with gratitude? With joy? 

Are you noticing that your water jar is depleted? What is draining your reserves? Is there a heavy burden you are bearing?

Perhaps your water jar is empty, completely poured out. What energies have been poured out to the point that you are experiencing a parched and dry spirit? 

As you sit with your water jar, take the time to be open to what God wants to say to you. 

Sometimes God’s voice is revealed with a word. Other times, with an image, a metaphor, a question, or invitation.

It’s been my experience that when I listen for God, my eyes are opened to see something new. Sometimes a new pathway is presented, a barrier shifts, or a perspective is reframed. 

As a congregation as we continue to discern and live into being a faithful church, we want to continue to strengthen our capacity for listening – to God, to that which lies deep within ourselves. We also want to listen to one another. As the song writer proclaims “Let all who thirst, let them come, come to the water…”

May the living water that Jesus provides, refresh us, renew us, and fill us as we continue to journey together.