September 29th, 2021

This Sunday we will continue to focus our time together on God’s Grace as we also celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. Yes, as followers of Christ we have all experienced “Failure, Forgiveness and Grace”. God is totally able to take our failures, those times when we mess up, yes, even our acts of sinfulness, and transform them into growth, of holy learning, and righteousness, all through His forgiveness and grace.

And one of the amazing aspects of Grace is that in love, God chooses us to be a part of His family. Take a moment to read the following from Pastor Max Lucado in his book “GRACE: more than we deserve; greater than we imagine”.

My child, I want you in my new Kingdom. I have swept away your offenses like the morning clouds, your sins like the morning mist.

I have redeemed you. The transaction is sealed; the matter is settled.

I, God, have made my choice.

I choose you to be a part of my forever family.


Lucado also writes the following:

“To live as God’s child is to know, at this very instant, that you are loved by your Maker not because you try to please him and succeed, or fail him and apologize, but because he wants to be your Father. Nothing more. All your efforts to win his affection are unnecessary. All your fears of losing his affection are needless. You can no more make him want you than you can convince him to abandon you. The adoption is reversible. You have a place at his table.”

 All by Grace

So, you are invited to come to the table, to eat, to share, to celebrate. But then to also walk in obedience and to invite others to the table as well.

And the table will be wide. And the welcome will be wide.

And the arms will open wide to gather us in. And our hearts will open wide to receive.

And we will come as children who trust there is enough.

And we will come unhindered and free.

And our aching will be met with bread. And our sorrow will be met with wine.

And we will open our hands to the feast without shame.

And we will turn toward each other without fear.

And we will give up our appetite for despair. And we will taste and know of delight.

And we will become bread for a hungering world.

And we will become drink for those who thirst.

And the blessed will become the blessing. And everywhere will be the feast.

                                                                                       Voices Together