May 23rd, 2021

Come, O Holy Spirit, come. Come, Holy Spirit, and fill us with your love.
Open our eyes to see the renewing presence of God all around us,
in the melody of song birds, in the growing and greening of spring,
in the joys and celebrations of our lives,

in the tragedies and struggles that break our hearts.

Come, Holy Spirit, and comfort those who grieve. 
Grant all who grieve the peace that only you can bring.
Stir within us a trust in life beyond death,
as we ponder the mysteries of Christ’s resurrection
and the hope we have in new and everlasting life.

Come, Holy Spirit, and bring wholeness to the sick.
Strengthen those who are weak; heal the wounded and broken;
give rest to the weary. Comfort the anxious, the lonely. Including all those in long-term care

We pray for restored strength, patience, and peace.

May your compassion hold all who suffer due to covid – the sick, the recovering, the bereaved… the isolated….and front-line workers…  

We also pray for our Households of Faith.

Amidst fullness of life, may quietness and peace flow freely each day. Grant perseverance for ongoing virtual learning, changing work environments, and the stresses of life amidst covid 19.

Come, O Holy Spirit come, and inspire our warring world to seek peace,
to love our enemies, to commit to the common good of all.

We hold in prayer the leaders and people of Israel and Palestine and pray that a path to peace in which the dignity of all persons is upheld.  

Come, O Holy Spirit come, and ignite a fire in our dry bones,

with a passion for justice that cannot be quenched
until all of your children are loved,

until all who hunger are fed
until no one is marginalized or oppressed,
until everyone has the opportunity to thrive,
until the world is transformed and renewed.

Come, O Holy Spirit come, and revive your church.

Liberate us from complacency and apathy;
inspire us with Christ’s vision for a world reborn;
help us to recognize our gifts for ministry
and to develop and use them in service of others;
transform our hearts and our minds; fill us with love that overflows;
remind us that there is no greater calling
than to love you with all that we are
and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Come, O Holy Spirit come, give us a glimpse of God’s kingdom
emerging around us and drawing us into the new things,

New life, new possibilities, new visions and new dreams.

It is for your kingdom that we now pray,

filled with your Spirit, using the words Jesus taught us.

Our Father who art in heaven..………. Amen