December 16th, 2020

A blessing for the third week of Advent:
Light of Life,
we light candles this season, not simply out of tradition or coziness,
though there’s that,
but because we believe in the Light
that shines in the darkness,
restoring all that is lost and broken,
relegated to shadow, forgotten, or desecrated.
Restore us to wholeness – to our state of original blessing,
to be bearers of your light and goodness.
Restore Earth to wholeness – to her state of blessedness and sacredness,
vital, fruitful, balanced.
Restore the threads of the web of Life – once strong but now frayed
from lack of attention and care, consumerism, and poor theology.
Restore our joy in life – bring laughter
to our lips, beauty to our eyes,
and deeper bonds to our relationships.
We pray as those who sense your presence among us
in light and dark, now and always Amen
(written by Wendy Janzen)

As we anticipate a very different Christmas this year and as many struggle with loneliness, isolation, or anxiety, WMC Elders wish to make available once again two panel discussions which were prepared earlier this year. It is our prayer that this resource will give voice to your feelings and experience and offer you practical help as we continue to find our way. Please feel free to share this resource with friends or family in need of care and encouragement.