April 22, 2020

Greetings all!

It is Earth Day…. and today is also Admin Assistant Day! Please take the opportunity to express your appreciation!  

How are you marking Earth Day today?  As we stay in these days, some are enjoying a quieter pace of life. Some are enjoying  outdoor space at home and God’s good creation. Many are delighting in spring blossoms, the budding of trees, birds at the bird feeder, or baby chicks growing. Some of us may be grumbling due to wintery winds. Creation is springing to life and we celebrate God’s faithful and sustaining presence. 

During this season of disorientation we are invited to be attentive to how we are being changed. What is growing within you?  What potential is budding? What fruits of love are ripening? Our spiritual transformation unfolds through reflection, quiet listening for the Spirit of God, and surrender. In what ways is God meeting you in this season, caring for you, encouraging you, growing new life in you?  As we soak in the beauty of all that is coming to life, let us be attentive to what God is saying to us? How do we want to live when the pandemic has passed and we can be together again?  Let us be prayerful and open to God’s invitation. 

Let us pray:

O Great Love,

Divine Presence,

we rejoice in

our Mother Earth

who births us,

nurtures us,

sustains us,

and collects us 

back into her bosom

when our life

is done.

Forgive us for our 

greediness, our

selfishness, our

short-sightedness, our


For we have made a 

mess beyond measure.

Let the energy of 

the sunrise

the mystery of 

a butterfly,

the beauty of 

spring flowers,

the fragility of

endangered species,

the toxicity of        

polluted waterways,

the barrenness of

scorched earth

bring us to our knees.

And there, on

our knees,

may we be humbled

to see the earth

with new eyes.

May we be humbled 

to see ourselves

as humus.

May we be humbled 

to recognize we

are but part of an 

intricate web of creation,

a sacred reciprocity

of belonging.

Break open

our hearts

to love as you love.  Amen

(written by Wendy Janzen)