Read Matthew 26: 27-56 and 1 Corinthians 1:18

Today I’m sharing with you my own morning devotion which was written by a Georgia Atlanta Pastor.

“A  friend recently went back on her word and I felt betrayed. How dare she!

After all, people are supposed to be unfailingly consistent and keep their promises. Integrity is doing the right

thing even when no one is watching. Honesty is the best policy. All that.

But the honest truth is I don’t always ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to living all that. None of us do. We routinely lie, mislead and misrepresent. In doing so we betray ourselves, our values, our relationships, our God. If you deny that you lie, well, you just did.”  

‘One of you will betray me,’ might be the biggest understatement of Holy Week. Jesus doesn’t mention which disciple he has in mind. He doesn’t have to. Jesus was talking about all of them. The betrayal didn’t only come when Judas handed Jesus over to the authorities with a kiss, it happened when the disciples denied they would ever betray Jesus. Their denials flew in the face of Jesus’ teaching that humility and repentance are more blessed than boasting and self-righteousness. 

What makes the week holy is not our pretensions to innocence. What makes this week holy is the invitation to confess our betrayals and be forgiven.” 

Let us pray:

Lord God,

We tremble to think

that it was one of Jesus’ own friends who betrayed him.

One who sat by him who broke bread with him.

Give us strength, we pray

to walk faithfully with Jesus,

even when the road we walk is rocky.

and when the message of the cross seems like foolishness

and even when we feel betrayed.

Give us strength, we pray.

You Lord, are always faithful.

We stumble, we become lost,

but you are steady and sure.

Give us grace to endure our troubles,

and reveal to us the glory of your kingdom,

through your son, Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit.