April 5, 2020

The following is a prayer offered the church by Carol Penner. This prayer has been adapted to include congregational prayer needs.

Let us pray,

On this Palm Sunday, things are different.

No children waving palm branches in processions,

no collective singing of hosannas, loud hosannas,

no exultant crowds, here or anywhere.

The streets are quiet.

What resonates is the image of you, Jesus,

weeping over Jerusalem,

crying for a people surrounded by enemies,

who do not know the things that make for peace.

Our tiny, lethal enemy is invisible to the naked eye.

We jump when people cough,

we eye each other suspiciously,

not knowing where the danger is lurking.

We fear for all the vulnerable,

and we fear for ourselves. 

We ask God that you will protect all who tirelessly are working in the health care field. Keep them well and strong.

For loved ones who have been infected by coronavirus and for those who wait on test results,

for needs shared publicly and for those we hold deep within, we pray……  

As our lives are overturned,

and restrictions are put in place,

it’s not business as usual

and economic worries are added to the mix.

Anxiety settles like a dense cloud

over all the world.

We need you more than ever, Jesus.

You arrive humbly, unnoticed by many,

cheered by some.

You arrive in the early morning cars

of health workers showing up for their shifts.

You arrive on eighteen wheels as truckers

unload groceries and essential supplies.

You arrive by public transit as scientists

head to their labs day in and day out,

searching diligently for a virus vaccine.

You arrive on foot as neighbours

deliver meals to seniors stranded at home.

You arrive in the ricochet of signals off satellites,

as cyberspace messages of love circle our globe;

millions reaching out to say,

“Are you OK? I miss you.”

God, hear our prayer

from the lonesome valleys

of this world wide pandemic.

Open our hearts to the possibility

that today is the day of our visitation;

you walk triumphantly through closed doors,

meeting us when others cannot come.

Accept our solitary hosannas,

and gather us together in prayer:

“Blessed is the One

who comes in the name of the Lord.”